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I offer risk management services, including data protection, cyber security and liability claims handling to clients in the public, private and third sectors as well as to individuals, helping them save time and stress as well as money.

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As life is full of risks, we all manage them: sometimes consciously, sometimes not; sometimes well, sometimes badly. What I am offering is a planned, deliberate approach, resulting in written evidence of how each of your risks is managed.


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I offer advice and help to clients in various aspects of managing risks, reducing the cost of claims and other losses, by drawing on my wide experience in accountancy, audit, insurance and risk management.

John Harvey Murray

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 Let the facts speak for themselves! Click on the button below to look at the statistics extracted from CIPFA Benchmarking Reports.

These compare St Helens Council with a group of 12 similar authorities and with all 65 unitary authorities in England and Wales taking part in the exercise, relating to the period when I was managing claims at St Helens. Overall, I achieved savings of around 15% a year on the Council’s total cost of insurance and uninsured risks.

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Lessons the Prime Minister must learn

Lessons come from many sources. Lessons come from many sources: school, training, personal advice, observation, experience. Most people learn from their mistakes and some say they are the most valuable lessons of all. They say 'the man (or woman) who never made a...

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This government needs some risk management

This government has declared Freedom Day! This government has lifted almost all covid restrictions, but they have advised people to act sensibly regarding masks and social distancing. Meanwhile, they are keeping rules about self isolation and restrictions on foreign...

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Leave the EU with this deal? Where did it go wrong?

Leave the EU like this? To leave the EU has risks as I have discussed several times over the last few years. A deal could mitigate those risks. Or not! I haven't studied the final deal but I know it's better than no deal - probably only just. It's not what we might...

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