What New Risks are there?

Most risks are the same as in the old year and previous ones, of course, but the level of some is new.

Three dice - is this how you will manage your new risks?

Three dice – is this how you will manage your new risks?

Is anything really new?

One fairly new risk is Fake News, which has probably always been around but has become more of a phenomenon in 2016 than ever. I agree with David Cameron and Barak Obama that this is very dangerous, as some people don’t know who they should trust, whilst others are apt to believe lies put out on social media, especially if they listen only to people they think they’re going to agree with. If people believe either anything or nothing, will they believe your messages? I’m talking about:

  • sales
  • offers
  • guarantees
  • your businesses community involvement
  • replies to complaints or allegations

This means that we need to manage the reputational risk more cleverly than ever.

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Whatever you choose to do, I wish you a