I have already written about some risks associated with Mr. Corbyn.  Many have been pointed out, time and again, by the Conservatives and other commentators.  When they mention Trident, they usually talk about the risk to our national security.  I will not repeat the arguments usually stated by both sides on that debate.  I will, however, point out one aspect of it that is usually overlooked.

The decision to renew Trident will be made this year, or possibly next.  The Conservatives have a majority in Parliament and the outcome of any vote can easily be predicted.  By the time of the next General Election, it will be a closed issue.

The risk I am thinking of is that of the Labour Party tearing itself apart over an issue over which it will actually have no control.

So what about you? 

  • Are there issues you worry about in your business or in your life generally, over which you have no control?
  • Are you arguing with colleagues, or anyone else, over things that will be overtaken by events?
  • Are you devoting enough of your time to managing those risks you could actually manage?

How about stepping back and asking yourself: “How much will this matter in a week, a month, or in twelve months?”