I recently went to a half-day conference on responding to Climate Change.

The Environment Agency and Warrington Council were running it.

The main focus was not on

  • whether or not Climate Change is happening,
  • whether it is the result of human activity.
  • how we might prevent it.


For once the emphasis was on what to do to mitigate its effects.

Not primarily what the Government or some others in authority might do, but on what you and I can do.

We talked about flooding, storms, snow and ice.

We looked at issues like power cuts, transport, access to property.

  • How to be prepared.
  • How to make realistic plans.
  • How to communicate them within your business.
  • Where to get help.

We noticed that a lot of plans will do just as well to deal with several different types of emergency, even a bad flu epidemic, and we considered the opportunities and the risks of working from home.

This is applying Risk Management to risks you thought you could not control.

For more information go to www.environment-agency.gov.uk

Or www.emergencyplanning@warrington.gov.uk

Or ‘phone 08708506506 (Environment Agency)

Or 01925 442681 (Warrington Council Emergency Planning).

Or why not have a chat with me?