Andrew Hoy is who?

Andrew Hoy is a member of the Australian silver medal winning team at the Olympic equestrian three-day event, who also  won an individual bronze. At 62 he is one of the oldest competitors in any event at the games and a veteran of eight Olympics.

A horseshoe. Andrew Hoy wasn't just lucky!

Andrew Hoy wasn’t just lucky!

Why learn from Andrew Hoy?

Surely the British gold medal winning team or the German individual gold winner should be studied? Of course they could teach us many things to learn about riding, fitness, teamwork, tactics and other aspects of successful competing. I expect others will study them and draw the right lessons and someone will probably write a book or two and I might read them. I certainly congratulate our team for an amazing achievement.

What did Andrew Hoy do right?

He made a few mistakes! You might say it is better to avoid them, because good preparation and execution can minimise mistakes.  Let’s be honest. You and I make mistakes, but what matters is recovering from them as Andrew did. How did he do that?

  1. He kept calm and did not let a mistake take away his focus for the next jump.
  2. He reacted quickly to minimise the damage.
  3. His horse rescued him a couple of times, by jumping from a wrong stride – and he let it, not interfering.

What can a non-equestrian learn from Andrew Hoy?

  1. In business, as in life, you can let one mistake ruin your day – or your life! Put it behind you and learn from it but concentrate on the present and the future.
  2. Have a Plan B for as many situations as possible.
  3. Develop good relationships so that others will support you and make up for your mistakes. Too often people see an opportunity to take advantage. Perhaps you should support them more than you do?
  4. Of course it helps if you don’t make too many mistakes. Planning and execution are good things, as the British three day event team showed.

I have written before about the need to plan and also how to react to events. You may find the article helpful.

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