I have already noted that the Conservatives talk a lot about the ways in which Jeremy Corbyn is a risk to our national and economic security.  I have also looked at the risks the Labour Party is taking in electing him as Leader.  I am now going to consider certain risks facing Mr. Corbyn.  You may find some similarity to risks you face.

There has recently been some argument as to whether certain of Mr. Corbyn’s statements are indications of compromise, or at least a willingness to compromise.  He has always said that certain things need to be debated by the whole Party and he does not want to impose his views dictatorially.  However, in politics, as in business, perceptions can be more important than the underlying reality.

Politics has often been described as “the art of the possible”, which means it is pointless demanding the impossible.  It is therefore all about compromise.  It means giving up something you want in order to get something else that you want even more.  If Jeremy Corbyn recognises that he might be able to achieve something.  If not, he will probably become a heroic failure, of which we British seem to be particularly fond.  Guy Fawkes Day is approaching!

On the other hand, one of Mr. Corbyn’s strengths is said to be his faithfulness to his principles.  He is not a slave to opinion polls or focus groups.  He says what he thinks.

If he shows signs of compromising on certain (or do I mean “uncertain”?) issues, he is likely to disappoint and ultimately alienate, a lot of the people who voted for him and many others who have joined the Labour Party since his election.

A great leader is often someone who knows when to compromise and when to stand firm.  Above all, he or she is someone who is perceived as a person of principle but who manages to give and take enough to get things done.  Margaret Thatcher comes to mind.  Sadly.  So too does Barak Obama.  Happily.

So what has any of this got to do with you or your business or with me and Risk Management?

I often have to decide whether to water down certain recommendations in order to be acceptable to a client or to get my other recommendations accepted.  I can appreciate that the client often has to make similar compromises in order to make progress in the business.  On the other hand, there is no point in merely telling people what they want to hear.

 How do you manage?  Beware of the risks Mr. Corbyn faces.  They could catch you out too!