People sometimes think they are saving money by relying on their insurers or, if uninsured, waiting until they get a claim and then going to a solicitor.

How much does a claim cost without the services of a claims handler?

Most claims for injuries cost over £1000, even for minor injuries.  The claimant’s solicitors costs are likely to be somewhere in the same region, so if your insurers deal with it without needing to use solicitors to defend it, you will be lucky if it costs less than £2000.

But your insurers will be paying – won’t they?

If you have an excess on your policy, you will have to pay everything up to that agreed amount. However, it does not end there. Your premium next year, and beyond, will very likely be “reviewed” in the light of the cost to your insurers. If you have more than one claim in a few years, the “review” could be serious!

How can an independent claims-handler help?

They might be able to find a way of defeating a claim so it costs you nothing, when your insurers might have been thinking of paying it.  Or they might be able to negotiate a better deal, reducing the cost to you.  Sometimes, when there was no defence, I have saved clients money by encouraging a quicker settlement, so keeping the solicitors’ fees down.

The fees are usually in the hundreds, not thousands of pounds. And the initial consultation is usually free, or always in my case.

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