In a recent interview, Boris Johnson was accused of inconsistency in some matter and instead of trying to convince everyone that there was no inconsistency, as a lot of politicians would, or giving such a long answer that we all forgot the question, he said “Let me be clear about the Johnson policy on cakes. I believe in having them and eating them, wherever possible!”

Apart from finding this refreshingly honest, I like it because I can so well identify with it. I always want to save money, but I don’t want to have to give up anything I spend it on. When I took early retirement I liked some things about no longer having a job:

  • Not having to get up every morning,
  • Not having to travel into work.
  • Not having to jump when someone says “jump!”

You could probably add to this list. But I did miss certain other things:

  • Money.
  • Having something purposeful to do.
  • Meeting people.
  • Money.

Well, some people have found a way to have their cake and eat it!

  • They buy all the things they used to, but pay less!
  • They work when and how they want and get paid for it.
  • Their work consists mainly of doing things they used to do for free and not know it!

So I have joined them a few months ago. And it works!

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I haven’t told Boris yet. You could beat him to it.