I have just got back from a week in Cornwall.  One of the many tourist attractions there is the Shipwreck Museum at Charlestown near St Austell.  There are many interesting as well as sad stories illustrated there.

One thing which struck me was the number of ships that went down among the Isles of Scilly, often after successfully navigating halfway around the world.

  • One reason for that was that many had sailed in close to land to shelter from high winds beneath the cliffs.
  • When the wind changed, the ships were dashed against those same cliffs.
  • Some would probably have survived had they stayed out in the open sea and weathered the storms.
  • That which looked like safety was the opposite.

Is there a warning there for us landlubbers?  For you in your business?

Risk Dice

When you hit difficulties, could you be tempted to do something that looks attractive as a quick fix that might actually be catastrophic?

  • Cutting costs and so cutting quality or safety?
  • Boosting sales by doing something not quite honest?
  • Relieving stress by having another drink or several?

Would you do better to look long and hard at the real issues and find lasting solutions?

Manage the risks.