I have warned before about the dangers of opening dunious e-mails and especially the links and attachments in them.  Well they seem to be getting cleverer and more harmful than ever.

I am grateful to Will Howell of CTA Systems for this latest advice.

The pfishermen copy the name of a genuine e-mail contact of yours, so you are most likely to trust it.  The malware that will come onto your computer is likely to be ransomeware.  That means it will lock your computer until you pay for a password from the pfishers.

How can you detect it?

They probably will not have copied the full e-mail address of your real contact, just the name.  Do look for the full address by hovering your cursor on the name, without actually opening it.  Also, try ‘phoning them or even sending an e-mail to their correct address – DON’T use the Reply facility!