The public sector could do more

Why is the public sector controversial? The government will be holding a review of public expenditure as part of the Autumn Budget process. The chancellor will receive demands to spend more and other demands to spend less on the public sector. This discussion will be...

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Veganism: can it save the planet?

Veganism has become respectable. Veganism is not only more popular than ever, but it is now socially acceptable even among carnivores. I remember when people looked upon you as a dangerous extremist if you were a vegan or a vegetarian. You were rejecting the norms of...

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Electric cars won’t stop climate change?

Electric cars are becoming a must-have Electric cars are one of the ways we can help reduce consumption of fossil fuels and hare strongly advocated by many. In a recent post, getting one was one of the options I said I needed to consider when thinking of ways I could...

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Save the planet? Me? How?

Save the planet from what? Save the planet from climate change, of course, about which I wrote about recently. I said governments, businesses and individuals all need to act and act now. Although I have come late to this party, I can now appreciate the seriousness of...

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Climate change – how late am I?

Climate change is not new. The climate has been changing ever since the end of the Ice Age, around 10,000 years ago. There have been ups and downs but on the whole the world has been getting gradually warmer. However, many people are just becoming aware of it. At...

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Andrew Hoy has a lesson for us all

Andrew Hoy is who? Andrew Hoy is a member of the Australian silver medal winning team at the Olympic equestrian three-day event, who also  won an individual bronze. At 62 he is one of the oldest competitors in any event at the games and a veteran of eight Olympics....

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Reading most urgently recommended for the PM

Reading is good for you Reading is good for your mind and your soul. It can benefit your finances and your body if you apply the lessons correctly, as I should. I hope you didn't stop learning when you left school or college. There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom...

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Statistics don’t mislead, politicians do

Statistics have many uses Statistics can inform or educate us. They can correct misunderstandings. Their greatest value, often, is that they let us see things in proportion, which means we do not have to overreact to a few untypical events whether crimes, accidents,...

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Lessons the Prime Minister must learn

Lessons come from many sources. Lessons come from many sources: school, training, personal advice, observation, experience. Most people learn from their mistakes and some say they are the most valuable lessons of all. They say 'the man (or woman) who never made a...

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This government needs some risk management

This government has declared Freedom Day! This government has lifted almost all covid restrictions, but they have advised people to act sensibly regarding masks and social distancing. Meanwhile, they are keeping rules about self isolation and restrictions on foreign...

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Leave the EU with this deal? Where did it go wrong?

Leave the EU like this? To leave the EU has risks as I have discussed several times over the last few years. A deal could mitigate those risks. Or not! I haven't studied the final deal but I know it's better than no deal - probably only just. It's not what we might...

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Equalities issues: missing the point?

Equalities issues often make news Equalities issues should matter not only to politicians. I have written before that institutional racism and similar problems could affect your business. Now the equalities minister has said that we need to move the emphasis away from...

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