Do you plan or react?

Plan to manage risks Plans are an important element in all management, including risk management. You need to know what you intend to do before you can identify the risks you may incur. It helps if you keep your objectives in mind and don't become a slave to the...

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Refugees: all risks – no solutions?

Refugees have been in the news. Refugees have been crossing the Channel in small boats hoping to settle in the UK but most have, apparently, no legal right to do so. Many Britons oppose immigration generally, or at least uncontrolled immigration, and are angry....

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Do you need rebels or yes-men?

Rebels are seldom popular. Rebels usually offend not only senior management, but also their colleagues. Therefore, conformity seems to be the way to success. People often say they do not like yes-men, but experience suggests otherwise. Managers like subordinates to be...

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What is a workplace?

Get back to the workplace? Your workplace needs you, according to some. They mean working from home is not good enough. Every employer needs to think about the risks and opportunities, as should every employee. I have written previously about the risks of returning to...

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Institutional what? Not in your business?

Institutional what? Institutional racism does not exist according to some, because they think it is always down to the individual. Presumably they use same argument about sexism, and other forms of discrimination? The reason it matters is that the underlying issue may...

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Where’s the silver lining to this cloud?

What's a silver lining? There's an old saying 'even the darkest cloud has a silver lining' or to use another metaphor, 'it's an ill wind indeed that blows no man no good'. In other words, however bad things are there's usually a plus side, at least for some people. In...

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Lessons from Dom on Reputational Risk

Your Reputational Risk could get overlooked The Reputational Risk is not the one at the top of your list of priorities as you come into this new phase of semi-lockdown. I certainly hope you are paying attention to the health risks to yourself, your employees and your...

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Stay alert to the new risks at work

'Stay Alert' is the new slogan If the 'Stay Alert' message has a shortcoming, it is its vagueness, but compared with 'Stay at Home' almost anything is vague. However, for employers and employees who are preparing for a return to work, there are many risks. We need to...

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Is Covid-19 a special risk?

Is Covid-19 the one risk on which I have nothing to say? This is my first post about the Covid-19 crisis except one I put on my other website about the Christian response to this pandemic. That is because I am no medical expert and must rely on the advice we all get....

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The risks of comparing IQ.

Why are IQ tests controversial? Schools, employers and others have carried out IQ tests for many years, on and off. The old Eleven Plus exams included them. This has always been controversial, especially when people have tried to compare the results of different races...

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The Police – victims of the Claims Culture?

What Claims Culture? The Claims Culture is the name given to the phenomenon of people seeking compensation for every misfortune in life Some solicitors used to say where there's blame there's a claim and people think someone must be to blame for everything that goes...

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Some Q & A for a Christmas quiz

Fancy a Christmas Quiz? Here are nine questions you might like to use in a Christmas quiz. The links take you to the answers. I hope you have fun. What is the year and month of Jesus birth at the first Christmas? How many accounts of Christmas appear in the Bible?...

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