At Eastertide, what can we learn about Risk from Jesus?

This Eastertide, think about Risk Management in the gospels I have written before about a lesson in Risk Management in the  story we celebrate at Eastertide. If you think that RM is something someone invented recently, have another think.  It is only the name that is...

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Are you intelligent enough to manage the risks of robotics?

People have always been afraid of robotics Once, robots were popular in science fiction and they gave you nightmares. As scientists developed robotics in the real world, people began to worry. Would the nightmares come true and the machines got out of control or even...

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The risks of undervaluing experts and their advice.

I have seldom been short of advice. I have had advice from lots of self-appointed unqualified experts on all kinds of subjects. It's one thing I've never lacked, whilst I have often lacked money and practical help. When I first bought a horse, everyone I met who had...

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Stakeholders – the key to your business and to Brexit.

I didn't mention stakeholders in a previous post about negotiation You might still benefit from reflecting on what I did say in that post. You might also like to have another look at something I wrote about consulting, which sometimes is similar to negotiation, and...

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The risks of a no-deal Brexit: the hidden agenda

What hidden agenda? I have written before about the risks of Brexit, especially a hard Brexit. I have not mentioned so far the risks arising from a hidden agenda. To be fair, some hard-Brexiters have been pretty open all along about their plans for a post-Brexit...

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