The risks of undervaluing experts and their advice.

I have seldom been short of advice. I have had advice from lots of self-appointed unqualified experts on all kinds of subjects. It's one thing I've never lacked, whilst I have often lacked money and practical help. When I first bought a horse, everyone I met who had...

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Stakeholders – the key to your business and to Brexit.

I didn't mention stakeholders in a previous post about negotiation You might still benefit from reflecting on what I did say in that post. You might also like to have another look at something I wrote about consulting, which sometimes is similar to negotiation, and...

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The risks of a no-deal Brexit: the hidden agenda

What hidden agenda? I have written before about the risks of Brexit, especially a hard Brexit. I have not mentioned so far the risks arising from a hidden agenda. To be fair, some hard-Brexiters have been pretty open all along about their plans for a post-Brexit...

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What centenary am I preparing for?

2018 is the centenary of the end of World War I As we are approaching the centenary of the end of the First World War, I am relaunching my book Be Victorious: Lessons for Business and Everyday Life from World War I. I have made some changes to the cover and the...

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Does the Chequers no-deal show how not to negotiate?

What has Chequers shown me? I have written before about negotiation, but the fate of the Chequers plan for Brexit has shown an aspect I failed to mention. Is the Chequers deal dead or just dormant? Most commentators say the rebuff by the EU was the end for the Prime...

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