Want to be in the chair?

What chair? My chair has to go. The gas canister has died. It won't adjust up and down. It won't do my back any good to sit with my knees above the level of the seat. I am willing to give it away to a good home. Who would want it? Someone  a bit smaller than me!...

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The risks of scrapping public schools

Public schools are nothing to do with your business, probably? However, the biggest risk the abolition of public schools presents is similar to one that does affect many businesses. Before I explain that, let's look briefly at the issues. Public schools may be...

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How will a race to the bottom affect your business?

What race to the bottom? It looks as if some businesses, or some industries, are preparing for a race to the bottom. What is that? I have written before about the risks of Brexit, including the possibility of a hidden agenda. I have seen some evidence things are...

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Ready for the blame-game after Brexit?

Blame-game and end-game The blame-game is coming! As we near the end of the Brexit process - well this phase of it - whatever the outcome, some of us are going to be disappointed. Inevitably, things will not be as good as people hoped. If there is a World recession...

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Can we learn from the past about objectives?

Do you lose sight of your objectives? Most of us have short-term goals as well as overall objectives, but we need to keep the big picture in mind. I wrote about this some time ago, when I applied the lessons of a sea battle in 1794 to the management of business. The...

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What does Mental Health have to do with your business?

You couldn't miss Mental Health Week, but did it affect you? Mental health may not seem relevant to your business unless you are in the healthcare sector or offer a counselling service or similar. You may take an interest in it as an individual, but regard it as...

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Which is the greatest risk around the Huawei controversy?

Is Huawei a threat to the UK? The original controversy was over the government's decision to consider using the Chinese company, Huawei, to provide  software for our telecommunications systems. Many people have been concerned that the company could plant listening...

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Are passwords a complete giveaway?

Passwords are an important element in cybersecurity I have mentioned passwords before in some of my blogs about the cyber risk.  Of course, I have mentioned a lot of other things too. I try to keep up to date and pass on tips in beating the latest ruses of the...

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At Eastertide, what can we learn about Risk from Jesus?

This Eastertide, think about Risk Management in the gospels I have written before about a lesson in Risk Management in the  story we celebrate at Eastertide. If you think that RM is something someone invented recently, have another think.  It is only the name that is...

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Are you intelligent enough to manage the risks of robotics?

People have always been afraid of robotics Once, robots were popular in science fiction and they gave you nightmares. As scientists developed robotics in the real world, people began to worry. Would the nightmares come true and the machines got out of control or even...

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