Who has published my new book?

My latest book, Risk and Win, is now available, published by Business Expert Publishers of New York. It is a simple guide to managing risks in a small to medium-sized business. The price is $19.95 or about £15 as an e-book and $34.95 for a print copy.

Because the publishers are an American firm, the spelling and grammar are adjusted for the US market, but most British readers will be able to understand it. If there is enough demand, I ‘ll see about producing an English translation.

Where can you get the book?

You can see full details on the publisher’s website, where you can order your copy.

I will usually have a few paper copies on me when I go to business networking meetings, which I intend to do more often, now I have finished writing this.

What other books am I writing?

I will soon finish a historical novel, which I will be publishing under a pseudonym, and I am still working on a sequel to Accounting for Murder, Double Entry, which will be called Accounting for Murder, Old Money.

Now I am a writer, have I given up my RM business?

It’s up to you! I am spending most of my time writing, but whether you get the book or not, you can contact me personally for a risk survey of your business, or just a chat about managing risk. I want to help you manage the risks facing your business.

The cover of Risk and Win!

The cover of Risk and Win!

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