For many people this is a silly question.  There is surely no place for religion in business

  • you want to do business with people of any or no religious beliefs
  • there are many successful business people of every religion and none

Soap Box


Is that it?  Not quite.

  • If you are religious or not, you need some kind of code of ethics, a moral compass.  Without it you can get into all sorts of trouble.
  • Stress is one of the biggest problems many business people encounter.  How to deal with it?

I can offer some help in addressing its causes by looking at the risks in your business and how you manage them.  That can make a big difference.

Is that the answer?  What else do you need? 

If you are of a disposition that is prone to getting stressed, you may find the Risk Management approach does little to help.  Of course, it will probably benefit your business, but you will probably find something else to stress about.

There are many techniques for helping you deal with your stress:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Massage
  • Meditation

I cannot say which one is best for you.  Different people report different degrees of success from each one.  I can suggest people you might go to for each of these.

What about religion?  Prayer is a big help to me and a lot of people.  Meditation around a passage from the Bible is another.  Above all, knowing that life is not just random, but is in Gd’s hands, can be a really effective stress-buster.

Think about it.  Meditate even!