Remember the other fire? It highlights business resilience.

Although the public and the media have been concentrating, understandably, on the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, there has been another fire in London  – in the Camden Lock Market. Thankfully, nobody was killed in this one, but many businesses have had to close: some temporarily, but others possibly permanently.

This is a reminder that Risk Management is not only about preventing bad things from happening. It is also about being prepared in case they do. This aspect of RM is sometimes called Resilience, or Business Continuity. Something Kensington and Chelsea Council seem unaware of.

How much resilience does your business have?

Are you prepared for a major fire, flood, terrorism, cyber attack or other serious incident, whether beyond your control or not in the first place?

Dice - a reminder of the risks we nee resilience to cope with

Could one throw of the dice close your business?

Part of the solution could lie in Business Continuity Insurance. However, as in all risks, insurance we should not view insurance as an answer in itself, but as part of a risk control strategy.

I have written about this previously,  in an e-zine article Is Business Interruption Insurance the Answer to the Threats Which Could Put You Out of Business? 

Do you want to review your strategy to increase your resilience?

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