Summer is more or less over. This is the time of year many businessmen and women review their activities. Some are thinking of an autumn sales drive, others of a new product coming out in January. There are even those who are thinking about Christmas (sorry to mention that!). I hope you have got plans. How far ahead are you planning?

Review your business this autumn?

Is it time to review something that you weren’t planning on changing, just to make sure that what has worked OK so far is still fit for purpose?

Whatever you are going to review, remember to look at the risks and opportunities. Then look at the controls. Otherwise you could be about to score an own goal. Your dreams could become nightmares. If you’re not sure how to go about that kind of review, you could do worse than read my book Load the Dice


Load the dice - risk management for small businesses

Of course, you could have a chat with me, if you’ve no time to read. An initial consultation is always free.

You do want to make sure it’s only the leaves that will fall this autumn, don’t you?