Many people suffer from stress for various reasons.  I know several people who offer to help relieve stress in different ways: massage, counselling, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques.  Risk Management is seldom put in the list.


Risk Dice

Each of the above approaches and others can be helpful.  Sometimes you just have to try it and see.  What they have in common is that they help you manage your reaction to the situation.  They do not try to resolve the situation.  That is at least partly because stressful people will always find something to get stressed about and partly because it is useful to be able to deal with your stress if you encounter another stressful situation.

Is there not also a need to look at the factors in your situation which give rise to your stress? 

Risk Management can be a big help. 

  • It can help you to understand the problems better.
  • It can give you an appreciation of the likelihood and the potential severity of the thing that you don’t want to happen.
  • It can help you see what you can do about it. Yes you can!
  • It can also help you to accept what cannot be helped and to face up to your risks with your eyes open.

There is another way in which I can help reduce stress in certain circumstances and I will be writing about that in future.

Meanwhile think if you want help managing stress AND managing the causes of stress.

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