I have written about various aspects of the Jermy Corbyn Risk.  Now it seems the Labour Party is making another big mistake.  One similar to that too often made by businessmen and others in managing risks.

Owen Smith seems to be trying to win potential Corbin supporters as he campaigns for the leadership.  Owen keeps sounding like a left winger.  It is arguable that that is the best way to win this contest.  Perhaps.

The problem is, that Labour will at some time need to win votes from people who did not vote Labour last time.  Of course, that includes some people for whom Labour was too moderate or right-wing before.  But they will not be likely to be numerous enough to get many more Labour MPs elected.

In other words, the Party seems to be about to make the same mistake again.

What has that got to do with you and your Risk Management issues?

All too often, we deal with one risk in such a way as to merely move the problem around, reducing the risk in one area while increasing it in another.

  • You might move hazardous material from one unsuitable site to another.
  • You might bring in safety measures that in themselves make life more dangerous. I have seen warning signs placed in such a way as to become hazards.
  • You might transfer some underperforming staff to another department, where they will be just as unproductive as before.

Perhaps you need an independent view.  Just ask.