I have just heard that churches are being advised to step up their security.

CCTV should be installed and there should be only one unlocked entrance and exit.

This is because, after the murder of a priest in France, it is feared that a similar event could occur here.

  • Obviously, it is sensible for every organisation to periodically review its security arrangements.  I do, however question the logic behind this particular piece of advice.
  • Terrorists have been known to attack a wide variety of targets: the World Trade Centre, the London Underground and buses, a concert venue, a magazine’s offices, aand most recently a beach.
  • I remember the IRA attacking the London Docklands, the centre of Manchester, and a crowded street here in Warrington.

Where will they strike next?  Do you think they will keep on attacking the most likely targets, whatever they are?  What would you do if you were a terrorist?  What’s next?

Anyway, whilst CCTV might help the authorities identify a terrorist after the event, it provides not much protection.  Suicide bombers would certainly not be bothered.  Anyone might come into any church with a concealed weapon or even a small bomb.  It is unrealistic as well as undesirable to expect visitors or newcomers to be subject to vetting.

I am not trying to frighten you, but I am asking for some common sense.   Balance the risk against the cost, not just in financial terms.

If we try to make everywhere totally safe we will be bound to fail, but we will change our Society for the worse.  The Enemy will have gained a victory I would rather deny him.

Keep calm and carry on!