Did Jesus take sensible measures for his own safety or did he walk right into trouble?
[See St.Luke Chapter 19 verses 29 to 35 and Chapter 22 verses 24 to 30.]
Jesus is expecting trouble and has made some secret preparations. When he sends his disciples to collect the donkey, and later when he sends them to prepare for the Passover supper, he gives them specific things to say and to look out for.  The owner of the donkey and also the host for the Passover supper, have obviously been told to expect him and it is all planned to draw as little attention as possible.  St.Luke shows that Jesus death was inevitable and had been foretold many times, but he was keeping control of events up to the right time.  He did not blunder in blindly.  
So in planning our lives so as to take control of the risks, we are following a good precedent.