Most people in business believe in helping charities and the Third Sector.  Usually this means giving money.  That IS what they most need is it not?

Some businesses give by arranging a day, or several, when employees get time off to go and volunteer at a charity.

There is another way which is all too often overlooked.  That is by providing our professional and entrepreneurial skills to Third Sector organisations for free.  They often lack the expertise that businessmen and professionals have.

And it is becoming increasingly important for all organisations to be run professionally.  Good governance.  Efficient and effective use of resources.  Accountability.  Marketing.

The Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs wants to encourage businesses, public bodies and the Third Sector to work together so as to benefit everyone.  He has established Cheshire Connect in order to get the three sectors connected.  Find out more at

You may also find some helpful thoughts on this subject in this article I wrote some time ago

So what about guys?  Lets see what we all have to offer, and then…. offer it!