This year, like it or not, we can all expect to be hearing and reading a lot about the First World War which, we are frequently being reminded, began 100 years ago this August.

Now I love history and will probably find a lot of this very interesting, but I know that is not how everyone feels and that for some this year will be like a World Cup Year for those of us who are not interested in football.  Anyway, whatever your attitude, you had better prepare yourself for all the clichés that the media will be bombarding us with, often going over the top, sometimes having a shot at making us shell out for the books, magazines, DVDs and memorabilia that will be coming at us on all sides.

It has been said, however, that the main use for the past is for us to learn from it.  So even if you do not take much interest in history, I assure you there are lots of lessons to be learnt from the Great War.  Not only for soldiers or politicians.  It was a classic case of How Not To Do… lots of things, as well as containing  just the odd exceptional example that may be worth copying!

Therefore, I will be writing on my blogs, newsletters and Ezine Articles my thoughts on how to apply some of the lessons of that War to Risk Management.  But let us remember that Risk Management cannot be separated from other aspects of management or from life in general, so there will probably be something for almost everyone in these articles.

Watch this space!