Let’s all remember the Armistice which ended World War I

Representatives of all the countries involved in the First World War signed the Armistice to end it on 11 November 1918 at 11 am.  There will soon be lots of events on its centenary to help us remember.

What am I doing in response to the centenary of the Armistice?

I recently announced that I have revised my book Be Victorious, Lessons  from World War I for Business and Everyday Life . 

I have now decided to make the e-book version free on Kindle for the 5 days from the 6th to the 10th November. After that it will revert to its current price of £2.99 .

The paper version will cost £3.99.

I hope you will learn something you can apply in your life, either in business or anything else.

Here’s where you can get either version.