Many people have written about the risks of a brexit.  Some have even mentioned the risks of remaining in the EU.  Here is one that has had very little publicity.  Yet it may be the most important one!

What will be the effects on the rest of the EU if Britain leaves?

Of course a lot would depend on what terms were negotiated for a future trade deal and other areas of cooperation between the UK and the EU, but here are a few points to consider.

  • The loss of Britain’s contribution to the EU Budget.
  • The loss of trade in both directions (probably less than 100% but something).
  • The restriction of movement of people across the Channel: in both directions.
  • The increased temptation for other countries to exit the EU.

In the light of all the above, and probably more, would the EU be weakened, economically and politically?

Now for the BIG question:

Do you think Britain would be better off if Europe was worse off?

  •  Would their loss be our gain?
  • How would our trade be affected?
  • What else would be affected?

Before you vote, THINK!