How much do you need to foresee?
At the races foresight ought to make you a lot of money, but in this case lack of it cost someone £58,000.

Hide v. Steeplechase Co (Cheltenham) Ltd (Court of Appeal) 2013
Mr Hide was injured when he came off his horse and landed on a guardrail post 4 feet from a hurdle. He blamed the racecourse owners because the post was not padded enough and was too near the hurdle.  The case turned on whether it was foreseeable that an accident of this kind would happen. Mr Hide won on appeal when it was held that the accident was not unforeseeable nor unavoidable.  The lesson for all property owners is to try to foresee what accidents could happen and how to prevent them.  The design and construction need to be considered as well as repair and maintenance. Sometimes the adaptation needed can be a lot cheaper than a potential claim. Try to exercise your foresight!