I have written that writing fiction can be a help in business by developing your creativity. I said that creativity is a quality that is needed in business. Any kind of business.

What do I mean? 

We all have a creative side to our brains and an analytical side. Some seem stronger on one side than the other. The balance tends to determine the sort of job you do, or do best, and the sort of hobbies you take up. But nobody is 100% one or the other. Well, almost nobody.

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You tend to use the analytical side when doing technical things. But even in a technical business, you need creativity for it to be a success.

  • New ideas.
  • Beating the competition.
  • Problem solving.

These are all the things you haven’t got time for in a busy day, just keeping up with the demands of the business. That’s half the trouble, and I will be writing about that soon.

The other half of the trouble is that almost nobody teaches creativity. In fact, all too often, education and training seem designed to suppress it. Learning to do things a certain way, unquestioningly following procedures, is the surest way to learn to switch off your creative side.

I am not saying that we should not learn the technical side of things, or that there is no place for procedures and order in business or in life. I help design procedures to control risks. However, the danger is that we rely on the procedures too much, without thinking. Any new risk is likely to be ignored if it is not picked up by any of your existing procedures. So I want you to learn how to identify and manage risks, old or new, and to write new procedures as and when necessary. I want you to recognise when a procedure is not appropriate for the situation and make an exception.

Creativity is especially important when dealing with a changing situation.  

I will be writing again about ways of developing your creative side. It is certainly an issue I intend to include in risk management consultations. But I will not forget to use the analytical side of my brain too.