I have previously explained that Back to Church Sunday, the 27th September, this year, was created by the Church of England in the North West, to make it easy for you to come along if you have not been for a long time.  You know how hard it is to get back in touch with someone you have not spoken to or written to for a long time.  Breaking the invisible ice.  This is supposed to help you get over that.

If you did try it, I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it.  If not, I hope you will give your vicar, or someone in the leadership of your local church, some feedback.  Nowadays churcches recognise, as much as businesses do, that even negative criticism is helpful.  It is something to learn from.

If you wanted to try it but somehow missed the boat, do not dispair!  They are making Harvest Festivals into something similar.  These are not all on the same Sunday, but most churches make them known locally.  So there you are.  A second chance.  What more could you ask for?

And don’t forget to think about other areas of life where the same thing applies.  Are you putting off having a risk review?  Or an audit?  Or a visit to the dentist?

Let me know if I can help (not with your teeth!)