One or two people have asked why my logo is a cross.  They rightly guessed that it is because I am a Christian but wrongly saw it as something divisive.  Do I wish to avoid potential clients who are Moslems, Hindus, Jews, etc or even secular humanists? Do I intend to discriminate against claimants of other faiths or none? Am I going to take a judgemental attitude towards people I do not approve of in some way? Surely religion should not affect our business dealings? I assured them, and hope to assure you, that they are missing the point.  I want to celebrate what I am rather than denigrate what I am not. That is why, during the Olympics I cheered for Team GB but also admired the achievements of many foreign athletes, without feeling there was any contradiction.

Why then put a cross on my business card?  Should we not keep religion out of business, especially if I do not want to discriminate?  Well if anyone’s religion means anything it should affect every part of their life.  It means for me, among other things, high standards.  I would never knowingly condone or assist a fraud either by or against my client, nor would I defraud my client by overcharging or underperforming: I would always want to give the best service and the best advice possible. Similarly, I would never condone a cynical attitude to Health and Safety which considered people as expendable.

So yes, I will be judgemental about fraudsters, con-men, and cheapskates, but I will welcome business from the many honest, ethical people, whether Jews, Moslems, Hindus, atheists or whoever, if they need my services.