I have heard it said in various ways that risk management is only common sense dressed up, and that all we consultants do is state the obvious and get paid for it.

Some of us wish we got paid, more, more often, on time, or at all.

However, as to the real question, there are two answers.

Firstly not all solutions are obvious.  Some are the very opposite.  Counterintuitive even!

I have written about the classic example of this concerning convoys in the First World War.  Read about it in my book

“Be Victorious! Lessons from World War I for Business and Everyday Life”.

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The other answer to this question is that often the obvious needs pointing out.  When we are closely involved in a situation we can be too close to it to see something that someone from the outside can see more clearly.

So do not dismiss consultants too quickly.  Sometimes we really are useful.