If you are like me, you will have got a lot of software on your computer you do not use, even some that you never have used.  You probably do not know how it all cama to be there.  Sometimes you download one thing and a few more slip onto your computer uninvited.

Some of this might actually be harmful and needs removing asap but a lot of it is innocent but a waste of valuable space.  It slows your computer down.

There is something even worse about it that I have only recently come to know.  When you get a prompt to update it you probably ignore it, as I do. What would be the point?  Well, the software companies often include additional security features in their updates, to deal with threats they might not have known about previously.  Leaving the old versions of software lying around can leave your computer open to attacks by viruses and other nasties.

So either keep it up to date or better still get rid of it.