I have written about various things that Christians tend to lump together as the Occult.  Fortune-telling, Magic and Contacting the Dead.  I want also to mention an element of the Occult generally that many Christians and others object to.  That is Secrecy.

  • The word “occult” means “secret” and a lot of the practices Christians condemn as occult are conducted in an atmosphere of secrecy. There seems to be a belief that practitioners hold power through their secret knowledge.
  • This seems to be a modern version of the ancient Gnostic movement, the name of which is derived from the Greek “Gnosis” meaning “knowledge”.
  • Such secrecy seems to many people to require some justifying. Why be secret?  It seems cliquish and elitist.
  • Contrast this with Christianity, as well as many other religions and philosophies, where everything is open and freely available.  Most Christians welcome questions and are very happy to talk about their faith and their experiences.  As far as I am aware, all Christian services are open to any outsiders to visit and observe.  If there are exceptions, they must be very few.  The Bible is of course available online as well as in bookshops. Go to www.biblesociety.org.uk for more information about the Bible.  It’s not confidential!