Everyone is being critical of BA as they have grounded all their planes over the Bank Holiday Weekend. Although nobody seems to know exactly what went wrong, and investigations are ongoing, here are a few questions which might be relevant to your business too, whatever its size or nature.

What is crucial to your business? It seems a power outage caused a vital computer system to fail, affecting all BA’s operations. How could your business be grounded? Is there one thing that your business depends on? A system, a machine, a building, or even a person?

  • Can you identify it and evaluate its robustness?
  • What could make it fail? How likely is it? What can you do to prevent that?
  • Do you have back up? Is anything or anyone indispensable? A standby generator would surely have been a good investment.

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Do you have a Plan B? What should you, and each of your employees, do in the event of a major failure of a crucial system, machine or whatever? Is it total shutdown or can you carry on at a reduced level of output?

How will clients or the public react? BA seem to have done nothing to communicate with travellers: to inform, to reassure, or to offer any sort of help. The damage to their reputation could turn out to be the most expensive part of this catastrophe.

What will it cost? Whenever you assess risks, you will obviously consider the cost of any risk control measures you are to consider. Do you also consider the cost of failing to implement such controls?

Before you condemn BA, ask yourself whether you would do any better. If you are worried, have a word with me. What have you got to lose? Don’t become grounded.

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