One aspect of the Easter Rising, that I wrote about last Easter was the long-term harm done to relations between the Irish and the British, especially due to the decision to execute the captured rebels. It turned them into martyrs and ensured they would be remembered. It also ensured that the British would be remembered as the Bad Guys.

What has that got to do with your business?


When things go wrong, as they are likely to sometimes, how do you manage the repercussions?

  • I hope you put right whatever was wrong.
  • I hope you learn from your, or other people’s, mistakes.
  • But how do you deal with the effect on your reputation?

Denials, cover-ups and blaming everyone else are not usually very helpful. Neither is silence. Nor is too much apologising and accepting all the blame.

What you need is some public relations advice on what to admit, what to explain, and how to enable yourself and your business to be seen in a good light.

Risk Dice

Risk management is not only about managing the risk of the thing going wrong in the first place. It also involves managing the effects.

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