This Eastertide, think about Risk Management in the gospels

I have written before about a lesson in Risk Management in the  story we celebrate at Eastertide. If you think that RM is something someone invented recently, have another think.  It is only the name that is in any way new. We know that people have managed risks in various ways all down the ages, because we wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t.

At Eastertide, ask if the Bible is as irrelevant as you thought

Just because something has been around for thousands of years, it doesn’t have to be irrelevant. There are lots of lessons in the Bible that are relevant today, whether you believe everything in it or not, and it might help you in your business or in your personal life. Go on! Read it and see.

Does the story of Eastertide oppose innovation?

NO! They crucified Jesus for challenging the out-of-date ideas of the religious and political leaders of his day. We should be prepared to think about new ways of doing things, or even doing new things. I just don’t want us to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

I hope you enjoy this Eastertide

Can you find time to think about the way you manage the risks in your business and perhaps ask if you should review anything else in your life? Remember Thomas who questioned what the other disciples told him, and remember to ask the right questions.


At Eastertide, think of Doubt and Faith: see how they are linked

At Eastertide, think of Doubt and Faith: see how they are linked