I sometimes am asked how I can take Risk Management seriously when I am a person of faith.  Or to put it another way, how I can be serious about having faith when I practice Risk Management.

Surely, if events are in God’s hands, they are beyond management by us humans?

I was pleased recently to find an example in the Bible of the early Christians taking practical measures to deal with a known risk in response to information provided by a prophet.

I read in The Book of the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 11 verses 27 to 30 that a prophet called Agabus in the city of Antioch foretold a great famine which was to happen in the reign of the Emperor Claudius.  The Christians responded not by praying it would not happen but by arranging a collection to provide funds to help those worst affected when it occurred.

Soap Box

So they saw no contradiction between believing in their faith and in taking practical steps to reduce the risk they foresaw.

I am glad I am in good company.  Yet many people who profess any or no faith fail to take simple precautions to deal with risks they can reasonably foresee.  How about you?