We have looked the three principal elements of management thinking and noted their similarity to the Risk Management process.

  1. Desirability, defining the Risk.
  2. Feasibility, identifying the controls
  3. Viability, selecting the appropriate controls.

So what else is there?

Implementation.  i.e. action!  Do it: do not leave a report on a shelf, or saved on a computer.

Finally: monitor and review.  An idea is only good if it works.  If not either tweak it or scrap it.  Do not carry on banging your head on a wall, although it is a well-known management practice.  Learn from your mistakes.  Quickly.

Even more finally. There are a few other items I may share on this bog soon, but these three belong together and are what I would hope a Risk Management survey would involve.  I will add only that everyone seemed to agree that it was important to involve a lot of people in the process and to include people who are not closely connected with the activity under consideration.  You can be too close to a thing to see it clearly.  I would suggest a Risk Management Consultant would be useful for that reason.  Call me biased if you like, but you know where I am if you want me!