What did I resolve to do in 2019?

New Year might seem a long time ago, but I did resolve to do four things, as I said in a blog at the time and am still working on them.

They were to:

  1. do more reading
  2. do more recycling
  3. reduce my exhaust fumes
  4.  keep my filing up to date
Do I still resolve the same?

Yes. I am:

  1. constantly reading, especially fiction (by other people)
  2. recycling more consistently than I was
  3. turning my car’s engine off when stationary, usually
  4. Filing? Let’s talk about that another time. When I’ve caught up.
What question do I need to resolve?
Cartoon man with big question mark - what question must he resolve?

Man with question mark – what question must he resolve?

I have heard that cars give off more exhaust fumes when you start the engine than when it’s idling. That was certainly so in the past, but I thought it would no longer be true, as modern engines are more efficient. The question is: for how long must my engine be off before I have made a net contribution to reducing exhaust fumes? How can I find out? All the recent publicity about climate change has made me more determined to do what small things I can to help save the planet.

How’s your resolve?

What resolutions did you make for this year and how are you doing? Did you resolve to review your Risk Management practices? Do you want any help? Try to do it before I’ve finished my filing, or before Brexit, whichever is first.