I know I have included this advice in the Tip of the Month some time ago, but recent events have reminded me that the risk has not gone away.

The usual trick is to overtake and brake suddenly, causing you to run into the back of their car.  Alternatively, they might reverse into you.  They rely on the insurers and the courts assuming you must have run into the other car because you were going too fast or driving too close.  They then exaggerate their damage and claim for non-existent injuries to themselves, often adding a few passengers who were not there.

They can be aggressive, especially if you want to call the police, or anyone else.  Try to stay calm and do not be intimidated.

Above all, if you are in a road accident, especially if you have any reason to be suspicious, take photos.  That will provide some evidence.

  • Take close-ups of the damage.
  • Take shots of the two cars.  Make sure you get the make and number plate.
  • Take photos of the other driver, in case someone else brings the claim.  The real registered owner, perhaps, or a partner in crime.
  • Take photos of the interior of their car getting any passengers, or showing that there were not any.

If they object to your taking photos, do call the police.

These are organised criminal gangs, and the police want to know about them.