Many of us have had unwanted software, whether malicious or just inconvenient, land on our computers and then find we cannot get rid 0f it.  Often it comes on the back of something you had chosen to download.  It is particularly common if you order a free product from a supplier other than its principal provider.  Look carefully before you click, as they may have manes similar to the main, responsible business, like Macrosoft.  (I just use that as an illustration. If there is a genuine firm called Macrosoft and they do not send out malware, I apologise!)

How to get rid of it?   You can try using Uninstall but that might not work.  Some suppliers make sure there is no Uninstall facility on their software.  There are sophisticated tools out there, but a simple way is to reset your computer to a date prior to when the malware appeared.  Of course, you need to be sure you are not going to lose any vital work done in the interim, by copying the file in question to another computer or saving it online, but,  sometimes having to re-do some work is a price worth paying.

The sooner you spot the malware and take action the better.