I have been reading about Ricky Hatton’s misfortune in having been burgled while on holiday, losing some very valuable items.

Now, I have been the victim of a burglary on two occasions in my lifetime and both when I was on holiday, so I really do empathise with Ricky, even though I did not lose anything of that sort of value. [Note to burglars: I still do not have anything in my house worth stealing.  Honestly!]

Like a lot of people, I reviewed my security arrangements after each event.  Yes!  It would have been better if I had done it before the burglary.  Isn’t hindsight wonderful.  However, perhaps we should all review our security arrangements every now and then.

I noticed that Ricky had tweeted about his holiday plans.  Perhaps this helped the burglars time their visit.  When I was young, you know, before decimalisation, the Common Market, and computers, the police used to advise people to cancel the milk and papers before going away, so as to avoid such obvious visible clues to their absence as piles of papers or lots of milkbottles on the doorstep.  As the world has “progressed” and fewer of us have milk or papers delivered, it is probable that the main source of information for criminals is the social media.

I said “criminals” rather than “burglars” because information is useful to many kinds of criminals, including identity thieves, hackers and con-men as well as old-fashioned burglars.

So let us all be wary about what we blog and tweet about, remembering we can never be sure who is going to read it.

Personally I would never want to upset Ricky, let alone steal from him.  I hope they catch them.