I have just come from a breakfast meeting of Sci-tech Daresbury, where scientists meet businessmen of all kinds.  Of course the reason we all go there is in the hope of picking up some business, but, whether I make any useful business contacts or not, I always enjoy it.  That is because I meet  interesting people,  and/or people doing interesting things.  I often find myself talking to people who are involved in things I cannot understand, but it always fascinates me.   I find it good to be stretched mentally and to become aware of new ideas.

We should never stop learning.  I remember the words of the Vice Chancellor of Bristol University, Andrew Merrison, on my Graduation Day: “I hope you will never describe today as the day you completed your education.  If you do, we will have failed!”

It is also good to be reminded just how fast the world is changing.  Knowledge I once had is now out of date.  I will be writing more about that soon.  That also reminds me that systems you may have in place that were once appropriate for their purpose, such as controlling a risk, may now be out of date because of the way the World keeps changing.  Yes.  Even systems I may have suggested in the past!

So when did you last review your business?  How appropriate are all your systems for the purposes for which they were introduced?  Do you need a Risk Management review?