You might think that most of the risks in your business come from the production side.  Surely, the only thing that could go wrong on the sales side is that they fail to meet their targets?  Here are some of the other ways your sales force could land you in serious trouble.

  • Damage to your reputation.  This could be caused by overenthusiasm or by a lack of respect for the potential customer.
  • Compliance issues.  Misselling is the obvious one, but data protection is another.  In some industries there are still more.
  • Overpromising.  Usually about availability or delivery.  Possibly about quality or performance.
  • Giving away money!  Allowing too many discounts or making special offers without proper approval.
  • Lone working.  Salespeople often work from home or are out on the road a lot.  This makes supervision difficult and may leave them vulnerable to all kinds of risks which would not apply to workers in an office or a factory.
  • Stress.  Pressure to achieve targets, especially when coupled with working alone, can lead to stress-related health problems.
  • The “grey fleet” risk.  If salespeople are on the road a lot, even using their own vehicles, there are elements of the motor risk that can fall on the employer.  These include vicarious liability for third party accidents and the risk of their having inadequate or inappropriate motor insurance themselves.

I will be writing about ways of controlling these risks in future.

Meanwhile, perhaps you need to review how you manage them in your business.

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