There has been a lot in the news lately about cyber crime and the cyber risk generally.

  • Talk Talk and Vodaphone among others have suffered serious data breaches.
  • Some people are saying that, if such businesses are not safe, how can the rest of us hope to be?

The answer is that there is no such thing as total security, either on-line, off-line or physical.  That is why I offer RISK Management Services and not certainty management.

However you can take appropriate measures to reduce your risks to an acceptable level.

I do not have as much physical security on my house, my office, my computer or my car as I could.  I would not call any of it “state of the art”.  Why do I not do more?

Because of the cost and the likely risk.

  • I do not have such valuable possessions or such valuable data to make it worth anyone’s while going to all that much trouble to break my security.
  • If anyone does do that, they are likely to be disappointed and find what they have gained does not justify the cost and trouble they will have gone to.
  • I do have enough security to prevent casual intruders or hackers.  I am not giving my things away.

Another recent news item was the fine of hundreds of thousands of pounds imposed on the Crown Prosecution Service for losing a lot of highly sensitive files.  The size of the fine reflected both the seriousness of the loss and the negligence in having such poor security.

There are certain reasonable and proportionate measures you can take that are appropriate for your business.

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