This is the time of year when many people have to prepare to renew their insurances.  Don’t forget, if this includes you!  It is good to review as well as renew.  I have written before about how to keep your premiums down.,-or-at-Least-Control,-Your-Insurance-Premiums&id=7309130

I have also written on the risk of ignoring certain risks.

I have noticed that many people concentrate on insuring things they can see such as buildings, vehicles or computers, and forget about what they may think are unreal or “airy-fairy” risks.  This could be a mistake!

  • If you insure your premises against fire and other physical risks, what about “business interruption” risks, resulting from the premises becoming unusable following a fire or whatever?
  • If you insure your computers against theft, what about the data on them, or the effect on your business if they were out of use?
  • If you insure your vehicles, what about the risks to you as an employer when your employees use their cars in the course of their work?

Have a thorough review.  Feel free to have a word with me if it will help.  A little chat won’t cost anything.

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