Some people think it strange that I can be involved in Risk Management and also think of myself as a Christian.

Surely, if I have faith, I must believe that whatever happens is a result of God’s Will.  Like the old song says, “In His Hands, He’s got the whole World”.  So why try to manage risks?  Why not rely on prayer?  Why not accept whatever fate God had planned for me?

I think these are reasonable enough questions, but I know that for me there has never been any contradiction between trusting in God and in making decisions based on logic applied to the available information, identifying and evaluating risks, and selecting suitable measures to control them.

One of the Temptations that Jesus experienced was to throw himself off a high building in the knowledge that God would preserve him.  His reply was that you should not put God to the test.  He seems to have been implying that if somehow he had accidentally fallen, then God would have found a way to save him, but it would have been wrong to act so irresponsibly as to do it deliberately. (See St. Matthew Chapter 4 verses 5 to 7).

We can see another example in the Easter story, when Jesus took steps to avoid being caught by his enemies, so that he would not die before it was necessary.  That is why he sent his disciples ahead to arrange for the donkey to ride on Palm Sunday, and again to arrange the place for the Last Supper. (See St. Matthew chapter 21 verses 1 to 7 and  chapter 26 verses 17 to 19).  He was not taking unnecessary risks.  Only necessary ones.

So go and read Load The Dice with a clear conscience.