Lessons come from many sources.

Lessons come from many sources: school, training, personal advice, observation, experience. Most people learn from their mistakes and some say they are the most valuable lessons of all. They say ‘the man (or woman) who never made a mistake never made a thing’. I do not like to hear that someone ‘completed his/her education’ at a certain date, as it implies they learnt nothing afterwards. I am glad I learnt a lot after university, but that may be because I have made so many mistakes.

Many people suggest lessons for the prime minister.

Not everyone agrees as to what those lessons are, although many of us do agree that he started lockdown too late and ended it too soon. Many agree he should have consulted with the governments of Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland about various things. Others say he should ensure all members of the government are clear about policy and can give consistent messages to the country. Perhaps you could offer some more.

Do fictitious characters learn lessons?

Readers criticise some authors for making their characters too static, because they never grow or learn as the story progresses. I try to make my characters develop and so seem more real. It is strange that such a prominent real person as the prime minister should appear to make the same mistakes so often. Some people have predicted the results of some of his actions and inaction all too well.

What lessons do I have for the PM?

I wrote Be Victorious, Lessons from World War I for business and everyday life to offer readers advice in the light of that conflict. I published  on my blog one chapter. It is on the importance of learning from experience.  It was one thing the generals failed to do. but fortunately for us, the German generals similarly failed. There are many other lessons the PM should study. One is about trust, another about the danger of relying on common sense. There is even one on the pros and cons of a mistake (?) by his hero, Winston. There is also one about what not to do when things go wrong. Perhaps you would like to study them too? Do you want to be victorious?

The cover of Be Victorious!: Lessons from World War I for Business and Everyday Life.

Perhaps the PM could learn a few things from this book