Do I miss working in a large organisation like a local authority with its various support structures, now that I have become a sole trader?


The answer is, frankly, No! I rather enjoy not having policies and procedures to follow, apparently arbitrary decisions to obey, and records to keep purely for someone else’s benefit. Of course I keep records that I know are necessary, but that is a different matter.


I like not having to ask if I can take time off, yet I don’t mind doing bits of work in what I would have considered my leisure time.  If a thing needs doing it needs doing, and the timescales are set by me or by the work itself.


I like being able to make decisions and act on them without waiting for someone (or two or three…) to agree.  I don’t need the threat of some sort of disciplinary action to make me want to achieve high standards of work and of customer care.


Regardless of all this, some people still find it strange that after all the years I have been surrounded by people, I can be happy working on my own.  Well, of course I don’t mind not having a boss, but I also don’t mind not having any subordinates (if that is what they were!) or other colleagues.  The thing is that I like not having to worry about other people’s work: I know if something has been done or not, without having to even think let alone ask! And if anything has not been done properly I know it’s my own fault, no excuses.  There are, it is important to note, lots of opportunities for meeting people without having to work for the same employer!


One group of people I thought I would miss was IT Support! However, I have surprised myself how much I have learnt about IT in the last year, and how much support is avilable by ‘phone and e-mail from various sources.