You couldn’t miss Mental Health Week, but did it affect you?

Mental health may not seem relevant to your business unless you are in the healthcare sector or offer a counselling service or similar. You may take an interest in it as an individual, but regard it as nothing to do with your business.

Health & Safety includes Mental Health – did you know?

  • When you review your H & S policies, or get someone to do it for you, is only physical health on the agenda?
  • Do you consider ways of minimising the stress your employees or others suffer as a result of your activities? It really is just as important as considering the risks to their physical health.
  • When you monitor your employees’ health, do you notice if any are showing signs of stress, depression or undue anxiety? Is it ‘just how they are’ or is it getting worse?
  • Do you take action only if the cause appears to be work-related? Whatever the cause, illness of any kind can affect performance.
  • Do you have access to a counselling service or other appropriate professional help?
  • What about yourself? Do you take care of your mental wellbeing as much as your physical fitness?
  • Is there anyone you can talk to about such issues?
  • Have you a way of managing your own stress?

How can I help with your mental health?

I have written elsewhere about happiness, and how to avoid depression, but I don’t claim to offer any kind of mental or other health service. I do however know people who offer all kinds of services that might help, from hypnotherapy to massage, or just developing positive attitudes. I could put you in touch with someone if you want.

Is Risk Management relevant to mental health?

One of the biggest causes of stress is uncertainty. Risk Management helps manage the uncertainty in business. Many people find that identifying and analysing risks helps them feel better about a situation even where they find no real solution: the process cuts the risk down to size, especially in your perception of it, which is what counts.

To learn more, have a chat with me, or read Load The Dice.

The cover of my book, Load The Dice. Managing risk can improve mental health.

The cover of my book, Load The Dice. Managing risk can improve mental health.


Whatever you decide, don’t ignore your own or other people’s mental or physical health.