I am now an authorised Distributor for the Utility Warehouse, having completed my training.  There are a lot of things I like about this role:
  • I can work as often or seldom as I want.
  • I can work at the times I choose.
  • This role fits in OK with my other business (claims handling and risk management).
  • There are incentives for meeting certain targets, but no big stick if those are not right for me.
  • I do not need to use any crafty sales techniques – that would turn me right off.
  • In fact in the training we are expressly told not do that – we do not need to as we have a competitive edge through price and service.
  • Indeed I am not really selling anything as the potential clients are all buying the products already, but at a higher cost – all I do is point that out! 
I highly recommend this – so if you are interested in either the role or the products please contact me or look on the website (see link).
And please believe me that nobody is paying me to write this, regrettably!