Someone is negotiating badly

Negotiating is a key skill for politicians. However, talks between the government and the Mayor of Greater Manchester have not gone well, and have taken too much time, when the situation needed decisions and action. As we don’t know what the differences were, we can’t know who was being unreasonable.

Negotiating with the EU has not gone well either

A last-minute deal is possible but another possibility is more probable. Implementation will be rushed and things nobody thought of will crop up.

What do I know about negotiating?

I wrote about it some time ago and the principles are the same.  I wish our leaders knew them, as I think the same issues affect the whole approach to Brexit and to the pandemic. The government behaves as if it acts on behalf of the Conservative Party not the country and seems to aim at a win/lose result rather than win/win. When it comes to a lesson in How Not To Do It the present government could get into a revised edition of my book Be Victorious, Lessons from World War I for Business and Everyday Life.

Be Victorious!: Lessons from World War I for Business and Everyday Life: could better negotiating have helped?

I should add a chapter on negotiating – how not to do it!

Another approach to negotiating?

Right after the Brexit Referendum result, the government could have negotiated first with the opposition parties and the regional authorities. That could have produced a consensus to present to the EU. There would have been a good chance that parliament would have passed any resulting deal. Likewise, for the pandemic, they could have negotiated with the regional authorities and had a national strategy. That would have been better than the inconsistencies we keep getting between the different parts of the UK as well as within England.

How are you negotiating now?

Can any of these lessons apply to your business? Who do you negotiate with? Who do you involve? Do you seek a win/win outcome or a win/lose?